Empty Words and Empty Gestures

by Magpie Instinct

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One for sorrow, two for joy. We are the Magpie Instinct boys!

This is our debut album.

Hugh Everett : Guitars/Bass Guitar/Vocals/Drum Programming/ Keyboard
Tim Cox: Guitars/Vocals/ Words (All tracks except track 5)

Aimee Mukherjee: Vocals (tracks 4,6 & 7)
Jon Ackland: Bass/Guitars/Vocals (tracks 1,3 & 8)
Lois Weston: Vocals (track 8)
Kate Rogers: Drums (track 1,3 & 8)

Thanks to:

Jon, Lois, Kate, Charlotte and most recently, Aimee for helping us to record and perform these songs since Autumn 2011. Great people and great times.

Also thanks to Peter, Lesley, Glyn and Daphne for your support and tolerance over the last 9 years.

Big Love,

Tim and Hugh
Magpie Instinct


released February 19, 2014

Tracks 1,3 and 8 mixed and mastered by Llion Robertson. Drums for these tracks were recorded in Music Box, Cardiff in 2012. These tracks made up the 'Goalposts EP' which was released on February 29th 2012.

All other tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Hugh Everett.



all rights reserved


Magpie Instinct Cardiff, UK

Magpie Instinct is the musical project of songwriting partnership, Tim Cox and Hugh Everett from Cardiff formed in the Autumn of 2011. Combining a love for guitar-pop melodies, catchy choruses and dreamily driven soundscapes with witty confessions of melancholy, spite and resentment to produce a triumphantly bittersweet sound. ... more

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Track Name: Goalposts
What am I waiting on?

I’m so tired of working things through in my head
How long can these things remain unsaid?

What am I paying off?

Am I paying some boys debt
who I’ve never known
I’ve never met
Because you’ve been paying some girl’s debt?
You worked so hard but you haven’t got there yet.

We’ve all got debts of our own
And we’ve all spent time on our own
With our horrors on show.

Maybe I have misunderstood
You know I’d pay
If only I could.

So why are you baying for blood?
Track Name: Now You Know Better
Reduced to rubble
I was sent back to the start.
Is that big enough a change for you?

Reduced to rubble
I was just a hole in your heart.
Is that big enough a change for you?

You say you know what I want.
Well don’t make me laugh.
Everything that I want is a thing of the past.

You say you know what I want.
Well don’t be so crass.
Everything that I want is a thing of the past.

How do you know better?
Empty Words and Empty Gestures.
Track Name: Rudiments
They’ve put you up
So I’ll pull you from the brink
You can hold my hand
But I won’t tell you what I think

There’s things you don’t need to hear
Like the strings I pull to get you near
They are synonymous
With my underhand sense of style

You are testament to all that is right
You are misery’s greatest blight!

Please don’t say
‘You don’t know.’
What’s going on?
Track Name: Folie
If these walls could talk,
then they would answer back.
If these walls had eyes,
then they would see me crack.
And they’d whisper to the wind,
which in turn would wear me down,
and with no irony at all,
see me fall like Jericho.

I don’t know if you’ve ever listened,
to a single word I’ve said.
If I was a different person,
Then I think I would want you dead
but I keep letting you back in though,
and you only let me down.
If that’s not some kind of madness,
then I’ll hide my head in the clouds.

It’s the wallowing you love the most,
There’s no denial that you are happy to play the host.
So it’s hello again,
the same old feelings
and hello again
the same old stories
And I know I’m implying a Folie a Deux
That’s ‘cos I know you’re feeling it too.
Track Name: Talk To Me
Did you want it to end like this?

I wanted to know it wouldn't be the last time,
Could it be, you talk to me.

And it's over.

Talk to me.
Track Name: Hallowed Ground
A red wine haze
Is pounding in my head.
I can’t close my eyes
I should stay in bed.

I can’t face the world,
(with nothing left to give)
The world should kill me off.
Defiantly I live.

I’m gonna find you out,
I’m gonna make you mine.
You could change your world,
If you stayed off the wine.

It’ll be hallowed ground
for lovers where we tread
And I’ll fix this all
When I get out of bed.

If you come meet me on
Hallowed Ground.
Track Name: Me on a Good Day
Dear Lord,
I’m agnostic.
If God existed he’d tear me down
But maybe he’s waiting,
A deathbed conversion could turn me round.

But I’d feel like a cheat though
Being in heaven and feeling down.
Stand with Thomas and Judas.
I’m in Heaven but I’m feeling down.

So if omnipresence is never good enough,
I’ll stick to effervescents,
Two berrocca in my cup.

This is me on a good day.
Never quite good enough.
This is me on a good day.
What’s the point in waking up?

I’ll dig a shallow grave
And I’ll bury my feelings
I should learn to behave.
Stop lying and cheating.

It’s not that I want to
It’s just the easiest way.
Wear my smile like a mask now
and hope to God I can change.

Because I know you can make it better.
I know you can make it better.

This is me on a good day.
Track Name: Truth Man
A truth becomes ‘the truth’
When a lie gets set in stone
‘The truth’ set me on the sandy land
So on this lie I built a home
Which you stand there and admire.

I never quite caught your eye
But now you search for mine.

I needed you
You needed me
Scrubbed from your memory.

We must live in love as freemen
Or see us die by suicide
If an obituary was needed
That’s a history I can write
Before all your friends and loved ones
Have me up against the wall

I needed you
You needed me
Scrubbed from your memory.

Ain’t never been a fool
Didn’t ever not believe
In the Truth Man telling a lie.

I needed you
You needed me
Scrubbed from your memory.
Track Name: Joy
Remember what my father said?
We laughed it off at the time.
But he was nearer to the mark,
Maybe everything’s not fine.

And if I asked you to come back now
I know that you would not just decline
You’d look me in the eyes and say
‘I would rather die.’

So I’m burning all the bridges
That we built up over time.
Not that I’d admit it,
I can be quite unkind.

A rat running from a ship we manned.
I’m running from the life we planned,
But it’s darker now in front than it ever was behind.

So I admit that I have lost my way
But would I say you that you were right?
I couldn’t look myself in the eye,
I would rather die.
Track Name: 28
This is just the chaos
A thousand choices made at once
You would still be standing here
If you left your life to chance

It’s not the be all or the end all
It won’t define the things we do
But you’re gonna get some cold feet
If I’m walking in your shoes

You see I
I’m see through
and if I chance
To mislead you...
Well, there we go,
Everybody lies.

I’m still in love with the idea of being in love with you,
I’m still in love with the thought of being someone new.

We have all been waiting for some massive cartharsis
To change our ways, to save the day, to live our lives in bliss.
It’ll be the be all and the end all,
It will define the things we do.
I’ll look back and discover that I’m still in love with you.

You see I
I’m see through
and if I chance
To mislead you...
Well, there we go,
Everybody lies.

I’m still in love with the idea of being in love with you,
I’m still in love with the thought of being someone new.